New Style written about by Instructor Rachel Beach, Program Coordinator for Interior Design

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It makes sense to me that we have now come to the time where our decor style options include an industrial dominate influence.  History teaches us that when there is innovation there will be tentacles to influence in the arts.

In the Gothic Era (10th c. – 15th c.) we see the fireplace established creating the mantel and hearth.  A new addition to focus on in architecture and design of buildings.  In The Renaissance Era (14th c. – 17th c.) there was the invention of the print making process, bringing us books full of ideas and pictures and stories to cultivate our creativity.

And so it continues to add depth to our resources of influence to arts and decor by seeing the motifs, materials and finishes of the Industrial Age (18th c. – 20th c.) or better know as The Industrial Revolution come to light in the 21st century as an option in interior design styles.

This new interior design style is becoming polished and appealing!  Young and upcoming designers are labeling variations of this look as “Steampunk.”  This is fitting knowing that the invention of the steam engine was at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

If this appeals to you as a theme of decor for your space consider the inventions of this time period in industry.  The Railroads, Machines and their gears, steel, iron, copper, stone & brickyards and aged woods are silhouettes, materials and finishes to consider for your design selections.

From Pinterest:

The color schemes would draw on neutrals with accents of “heat.”  The colors of the materials and heat generated from production and manufacturing.  Greys with accents of yellows, blues, reds and greens of the Victorian Era.  Remember the importance of glass manufacturing (colored glass) and copper or iron pipes to use in your materials and finishes.

I see this style gaining strength in influence and application.  This would be a great decor to consider for new projects!

Get “Steampunked!”


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